I'm Addicted (The Gift)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I get handed an abundance of presents. I feel like a king. As I went through my presents I saw all kinds of things, CD's, books, some vouchers, I had it all! But then I saw it, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, and brand new white, glistening X-Box 360. but there was more, the greatest complement before tomato sauce on fries, modern warfare two. This had been the greatest Christmas yet, but yet did I know… this would be dangerous.

I raced to my room to set up my new X-Box 360, cords her, there, everywhere, like snakes. It took me no time at all, almost like it was gods calling to me. I turned the game on. I started to load. It felt like it was years before the game came on, but finally the main screen came up. I selected the campaign menu, then I was off, sucked into this very real world.

The game was everything I had ever dreamed of it being. I past the first couple of levels in the blink of an eye,. I felt I had a gift, until one level hit me like a train, the red lights screaming towards me, I was knocked over.

Level five it was. Set on a mountain in the middle of a huge snow storm. I had to make my way to the airstrip on the other side and collect the enemy's data. I started climbing the huge, snowy mountain clinging onto my life by the ice axes. I pulled myself up, step by step. (not yet finished)